About us

Heavy Mental is a small studio  which is principally engaged in silk screen printing t-shirts, situated in Tallinn, Estonia.

We started printing tees in September 2008 and are not planning to stop. 

Behind Heavy Mental is Raido Kuurmaa.

Every design is produced only in limited quantities. Behind the designs are different young authors.

The contributors from different fields of creation are Ronald Baumann, Janno Saft, Martin Veismann, Väino Õun, Timo Tiivas, Laura Liivo and many more.


Heavy Mental is always open to new ideas – list of our cooperator authors lengthens all the time. You can also send us your idea or design and when everything works out great, we will print it. (For best results, the design should be monochromatic)

For more information contact us via info@heavymental.eu

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