SOTW Nº33 - A Bird by Ivanda Jansone

Hi Ivanda!
Where do you live and where did you rise up?

I am Latvian- Finnish artist based in Helsinki. I grew up in Latvia and moved to Finland about 14 years ago. Most probably mathematically I am an Estonian. 

What do you do on a daily basis?

At the moment I am writing and drawing stories. I am working on my first comic album. It will be a collection of short graphic stories about small people and their life in Helsinki. Meanwhile I work on a few graphic design and illustration projects for clients. 

How did you end up being a designer/artist?
Self made designer or did you study that in school?

I guess I never got interested in anything other than visual art when I was younger. Since I was a kid, I thought I would become an artist. The path hasn't been smooth, though.  
I have studied Media Art in Latvia and Design in Finland. At the moment I am learning and developing my skills in visual storytelling by taking courses and participating in workshops. I want to slightly change the direction of my path and do more illustrations and graphic novels as an independent artist. Lifelong learning it is! 

Please tell us a bit about this Bird design?

Initially I drew this for my brother, he owns the original ink drawing. It's about infinite possibilities and renewal. Bird as the connection with the natural world. I am a little bit of a bird watcher myself, so maybe it is the reason there is a bird in the print. 

Have you made T-shirts before? Do you have other  stuff for sale somewhere Heavy Mental fans can take a look?

I have made silk screened t-shirts and also dresses, leggings and other stuff. I had my own small brand some years ago. Financially It didn’t do well, but sure it gave some good lessons. I went back to graphic design work after that. At the moment I am not selling my prints and drawings, but I will in the near future, hopefully. Instagram is a good way to follow up on that.



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